The voice of victory in 2006 for 30 Democrats nationwide. For Jon Tester's victorious US Senate campaign in Montana over 3-term incumbent, Conrad Burns. For Maria Cantwell's US Senate re-election victory in Washington. For Ron Klein's win in Florida over 13-term congressman Clay Shaw. For the DCCC, unseating congressional incumbents in Connecticut (12 terms), Arizona (6 terms), and New York (4 terms). And removing 11 more incumbents nationwide. For Tim Kaine's 2005 gubernatorial win in Virginia. In 2004, signature voice for DNC Chairman Howard Dean's presidential run, work for Tom Daschle's re-election bid (SD), and victorious Democrats John Salazar (CO), Joe Manchin (WV), and Chris Van Hollen (MD); plus DCCC spots for  upset winner Charlie Melancon (LA) and work for the Media Fund, and Campaign Money Watch.




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